Why to buy wine of Provence?


  1. The climate and the soil of Provence offer the ideal conditions for the vine to produce grapes of quality, which is essential for the production of the best wines. Wine is produced there since 25 centuries,
  2. In Provence, the cost of the grounds on which the vineyards are planted is for the moment considerably lower than the cost of the grounds of some other more famous French wine regions,
  3. Many vineyards of Provence have the know-how and equipment similar to the ones found in the greatest French vineyards.


These three factors make it possible to offer to the consumers of the Provence wines a better quality-price ratio than other gastronomy wines produced in more famous French regions.


Although Provence is especially known for its rosé wines, its red and white wines are found in the best French gourmet restaurants.


Drinking a glass of wine of Provence is like inviting to your table a little taste of the lifestyle of this superb region!


Pascal Meyer, founder of Provence And Wines