Gastronomic terroir wines with strong personality.


Villa Minna Vineyard is a family winegrowing estate located on a hilly landscape, where thyme, rosemary and some vines are growing surrounded by garigue. Its soil is mainly composed of fossils, which allows the vine to express its full aromatic potential.


Villa Minna Vineyard produces wines with a strong personality, atypical and out of the standards: they are elaborated outside the framework of appellation, with yield restriction to produce wines of quality. The wine making is carried out by using yeasts naturally found in the skin of grapes, in order to produce wines from the terroir.



" Villa Minna produces wines of terroir, made with love for the wine, following tradition and passion, for the greatest pleasure of the Consumer”. Jean-Paul Luc, Owner and vine grower of Villa Minna Vineyard.

Minna Vineyard - Red 2009


I.G.P. Bouches du Rhône

Syrah (62%), Cabernet-Sauvignon (23%), Mourvèdre (15%)




Fruity, intense, blackcurrant, black fruit, liquorice aromas at the nose. Fruity, powerful, velvety, violet overtones, stewed fruit and spice hints, fine and round tannin, structured body, good intensity, long length.


Minna Vineyard - White 2010


I.G.P. Bouches du Rhône

Marsanne (9%), Roussanne (34%), Rolle (57%)




Nose with complex aromas of fruits, white flowers, thyme, lemon, mandarin orange. Well-balanced palate, delicate, unctuous, with quince hints, citrus hints, slightly mineral, structured body. Long length in mouth.

Fruit, flowers, citrus aromas: complexity close to Nature!

Fruity, spicy, lot of intensity:

a signature wine for a drink with a difference!

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