The Provence and Wines Brand


Provence and Wines is an « umbrella » brand fully dedicated to wines from Provence in China. Its purpose is to contribute to the recognition of Provence as a major wine region, and support customers of China in their selection of premium and gastronomic wines produced in Provence region.


Provence’s image is very positive in China (Sun, lavender, romanticism, quality of life, food, beautiful landscapes, Cannes Festival). Provence’s awareness very high too. It comes from TV series 又见一帘幽梦 you Jian yi Lian you meng , or « Dream link », which had the best audience among the series broadcasted in China in 2007 and 2008.


Part of the story occurs in Provence. The hero chooses Provence to marry his beloved one. During about thirty episodes we can see landscapes of Provence, fields of lavenders and sunflowers, castles, etc…


Provence is France’s oldest winemaking region. Marseille city was exporting wine as early as 500 BC. Though Provence is the world’s foremost specialist of Rosé, it also produces a diversity of white wines as well as WORLD-CLASS RED WINES.