Wind, nature, work and passion for wines of exception.


The winegrowing estate of Domaine d’Eole is located in exceptional natural surroundings, rocked by the famous Mistral, fresh and dry emblematic wind which contributes to the good health of the vines and their grapes. Eole is the name of the god of the wind in Ancient Greece. The wines are aged in barrels of Bordeaux style , made in Burgundy from the most beautiful oaks of French forests, in which the French top-end wines are aged as well.


“The Mistral and the exceptional terroir allow us to work in a completely natural way, to obtain wines of an exceptional purity”.

Christian Raymond – Owner of the Field of Domaine d' Eole.

Vineyard introduction

Prestigious wine served in gastronomic restaurants - produced in limited quantity!

Domaine d’Eole – Cuvée Léa -

Red 2010


A.O.C. Côteaux d’Aix-En-Provence

Grenache (50%), Syrah (50%)





Blinded hints of red fruits, violets, dark chocolate, toasted aromas, vanilla. Fine tannic structure, rich palate. Elegance and power at the same time.

Domaine d’Eole - Confidence - White 2013


I.G.P. Des Alpilles

Rousssanne (100%)



13.5 %


Complexity and length, well balanced and freshness. Nose of acacia, honey, pineapple, toasty and vanilla flavors.

Rich body, freshness: confidential production!

Domaine d’Eole - Eole -

Red 2012


A.O.C. Coteauxd’Aix-en-Provence

Grenache 40%, Syrah 50%,

Carignan 10%



13.5 %


Smells of red fruits dominated by cherry and blackcurrant, flavors of black chocolate, cedar and spices.

Fruity aroma, fragrance of terroir: Provence in your glass!