The Provence region is located on the southeast coast of France, along the Mediterranean Sea. It is world-famous for its mild climate, its sunshine, its blue sky, the beauty of its nature, its quality of life, its wines, its gastronomy, as well as for its emblematic flower: lavender!


THE VINEYARD OF PROVENCE: A 26 century-old vineyard!


Historically, the Provencal vineyard is the most ancient of France. The inhabitants of Phocaea, a city of Ancient Greece, introduced the vine culture there. Later, the Romans developed it using modern growing and vinification techniques as from the second century BC.


Vines enjoy particularly the dry and warm climate of Provence, its sunshine, and its dry, rocky and well-drained soils; also the Mistral, the emblematic Provencal wind, brings the dryness that protects the vine from diseases caused by high humidity.






The terroir is a geographical zone with the same type of soil and climatic conditions. These combined factors give wines that grow in such a terroir a unique specificity that cannot be replicated outside this environment.


The large variety of the wines of Provence is classified into 14 Registered Designations of Origin (AOC). Each of these registered designations of origin is therefore attached to a specific terroir, which gives unique characteristics to its wines.


The 600 wine producers of Provence produce rosé wines (88,5%), red wines (8%) and white wines (3,5%). The annual production is about 160 millions of bottles: 18% of those are exported, mainly to the United States.